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Employee Files: We review documentation to ensure that the items required by the labor, Social Security and tax laws are included in each file. Your company will be prepared for any government mandated audits.

Payroll Calculation: We thoroughly review the parameters in your payroll in order to assure that each concept is calculated according to labor, tax, and Social Security laws.

Social Security Audit: Compliance with Mexican Social Security (IMSS) requires a sophisticated, proactive strategy. Our payroll system sets the industry standard and guarantees IMSS compliance.

Recruiting Process: We evaluate the recruitment process to ensure recruitment is performed in accordance with policies established in your company.

Annual Training Program: We help you create an annual training program within your time and budget constraints, developing the skills you require. We also assure that the training sessions are reported on the STPS (Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare) web page and that the training record per employee is issued.

Union Contract Evaluation: We assess the negotiation of the collective employee agreements, ensuring compliance with Federal Labor Law. We can also negotiate annual salary raises in accordance with Federal Labor Law and your needs.

Internal Company Policy: We offer assistance and guidelines for the creation of your internal company policy, its communication to employees, and its filing in the STPS.

Work Environment: We evaluate the work environment through a survey with all the employees (or, if needed, a defined department), innovating better dynamics that allow the employees to feel comfortable in their position and helping the company achieve its goals.

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Human resources
Human resources
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